About me

My name is Olga and more then 7 years I'm family and wedding photographer based at Antalya in Turkey


I am fascinated  by the whole process and especially by the fact, that an ordinary (at first glance) plot can be turned into something special: you can catch a momentary mood or reveal the character of a person. Also I love being with people, communicate with them. In most cases photo shooting is a special occasion: when beautifully dressed people walk with me around old city or on the sea shore, I feel like on a holiday.  I am very pleased by the fact, that people will put pictures made by me in their family albums - there is something “real”, long-lived in it. Photography is already a part of me - when I don’t do it, I feel uneasy. Then I just take my camera and go for a walk, luckily in Antalya by the sea and mountains you always have beautiful scenes around. 


However, most of all I love to shoot people - in ordinary or unusual surroundings, indoors,  outdoors, children and adults. I like when people are familiar with my works and completely trust me, or when they have their own ideas and they are ready to share them and we are trying to fulfil them together. During the process of retouching I fall in love with my models. Sometimes it brings me to tears to look at the smile of a child, lifted in the air by his parents. I imagine him grown-up, taking this picture and looking at it - for sure it will warm up his heart. There are lots of other plots too: a girl and the sea, a bride, a groom, travellers ... So many people ... so many characters!